In Studio with Pastor Joshua Putnam

In Studio with Pastor Joshua Putnam

Published Jun 14, 2021 | Contact 

Joshua Putnam is a former CBM MK (missionary kid) and currently pastors First Baptist Church of Howard City, Michigan. Pastor Joshua is also a member of the CBM Mission Board and serves as the board’s Social Media Liaison. He has been a driving force behind CBM’s YouTube efforts and a valuable part of the video production process, both behind the scenes and on screen. What follows is his testimony of how God encouraged him to branch out into this unique platform for ministry:

“Prior to 2020, I was strictly a YouTube consumer and the thought of being a content creator was crazy to me. My wife, Amy, encouraged me more than once to create videos, but I didn’t want anything to do with it. When our church suspended in-person services in the early days of COVID-19 and ‘stay at home’ orders in our state, I was forced to figure out live-streaming. I started with a cheap microphone and my smart phone. I quickly realized I needed to improve my sound, video, and studio quality if our people were going to be listening to and watching me regularly. I began to learn the basics of cameras, mics, and lighting. I made it a point to stream live on Facebook almost every day with a short word of encouragement to our people. Through that process I realized I enjoyed it and we saw God use our church all across the country!

I began to pray and seek God’s wisdom as I thought about how I could continue to reach people beyond our walls after we were meeting in person again. That led me to YouTube. I jumped in with both feet and began to learn anything I could. I was able to take some courses and watched hours of videos. I have learned cameras, lighting, sound, analytics, algorithms, live streaming, and much more. I have a lot more to learn and a lot of growth yet as a creator, but God has already done more than I would have imagined through this ministry.”

Follow Pastor Joshua's journey on his channel: Thinking Out Loud with PJ