Pray for CBM

Dear Praying Friends,

The momentous events of our day may cause us to think more about “the end of all things” (1 Peter 4:7), but we’re only recognizing the reality clearly announced by New Testament writers: our time here is limited. That should be our daily understanding.

One of the ways that truth should impact us is in our praying. We are not simply to pray more, but to be better prepared to pray by being clear minded and self-controlled; not praying incoherently in a panic.

As you pray for CBM missionaries and their ministries, realize that times of great national concern often provide church planters with the opportunity to model trust in a sovereign God for people who have few other such examples in their lives. Realize also that church planters often have to make decisions regarding their local ministries in light of those concerns without the assistance of other mature leaders within their churches.

Your clear-minded assistance through prayer is a great help in planting, revitalizing and building biblically sound, spiritually healthy Baptist churches in North America.

Thank you for praying!

Brad Hoff
CBM Administrative Director & Director of Church Planting

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