CBM Church Revitalization

The Necessity

Maintaining a vibrant gospel ministry in North America also means helping established churches who are struggling to survive. Knowing the time and effort involved in planting a new church, CBM is compelled, whenever possible, to help struggling churches avoid premature closure.

The Challenge

A missionary pastor who has raised his own financial support is not the only need—and in most cases not the primary need—of a struggling church.  Diagnosing the causes of decline and returning the church to a healthy condition takes God-given insight and perseverance. Missionaries committed to revitalization ministry need a unique set of ministry skills to help them nurture the church back to health.

The Need

Church revitalization has been a part of CBM’s ministry since our founding.  Historically, 25% of the churches assisted by CBM missionaries have been revitalization works. Requests for this type of ministry are increasing, and it is in this area that we feel most keenly the need for additional missionaries.  Is God leading you to join CBM as a missionary in the work of church revitalization?