Why CBM?

A missionary engaged in planting, revitalizing, or building churches represents a network of local churches and individuals who support him financially and in prayer. A mission agency like CBM provides a practical framework to coordinate these efforts by:

  • Processing financial support in a trustworthy manner that ensures security and compliance with complicated tax laws
  • Communicating prayer needs and news
  • Providing day-to-day administrative oversight on behalf of sending and supporting churches

Since its incorporation in 1942, CBM has maintained a track record of integrity, stability, and effectiveness in providing these services to local churches and their missionaries.


There is a critical need for qualified, called, and committed missionaries in order to continue and expand planting, revitalizing, and building biblically sound, spiritually healthy Baptist churches across North America.

  • Qualified
    • Faithful, fruitful, mature believers demonstrating vitality in their walk with Christ
    • In agreement with the doctrine and position of Continental Baptist Missions
  • Called
    • Certain of God’s definite leading to the work of church planting and revitalization or the building ministry
    • Sent out with the unreserved endorsement of a local church that is clearly identified as Baptist in name and practice
  • Committed
    • Willing to undergo a rigorous application process and to invest three to five years raising financial support to underwrite a career of ministry
    • Demonstrating the perseverance needed in facing the challenges of church planting ministry


If you believe God is leading you to serve with Continental Baptist Missions in the work of church planting, revitalization, or building, your next steps are:

  1. Seek the counsel of the leadership of your local church
  2. Complete the Preliminary Missionary Questionnaire and return it to CBM, along with signed copies of the CBM Declaration of Faith and the Policy of Separation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities vary from teen missions groups conducting backyard Bible clubs for a church plant, to groups and individuals assisting CBM missionary builders on a building project for a week, to a family relocating to be part of a church plant for a longer period of time. God has used volunteers in significant ways as He brings local churches into existence through the ministry of CBM.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact CBM by phone at (616) 863-2226 or by email.