Our Staff

Bill Jenkin III

CBM President

Bill Jenkin III and his wife, Terri, joined Continental Baptist Missions as missionary church planters in 1983, though their ties to the Mission run much deeper. Both Bill and Terri came to know Chris...

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Brad Hoff

CBM Field Director

Brad is a graduate of Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA. He and his wife, Joanne, have served with CBM since 1985, first as church planters in Iron River, MI, then in Sioux City, IA. Brad serv...

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Dallas Putnam

CBM Director of Building Ministries

The Lord called Dallas and his wife, Nancy, to be missionary builders after being involved with their church’s “Men for Missions” group. The Putnams have been with CBM since 1988, living for 14 years ...

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Michelle DeJong

CBM Business & Donor Services Manager

Michelle is the newest member to join the CBM family. She serves as Business and Donor Services Manager. She has many years of accounting experience but the role of Donor Services is new and exciting...

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Valerie Hendrickson

CBM Publications Manager

Valerie began serving in the CBM Publications Department in November of 2000. She is responsible for the visual and print publication needs of the home office, and serves the Mission family at large w...

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Ellie Kempf

CBM Receptionist & Mailroom Manager

Ellie came to know Christ as her Savior in September of 1987. Immediately after becoming a Christian she sensed a call from God. Her heart absolutely ached to be in Christian service. Soon thereafter ...

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Terri Jenkin

CBM Administrative Assistant

Terri was born and raised in Montana. At the age of 19, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior after realizing that although she knew about Jesus, she did not have a personal relationship with Him. C...

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Joanne Hoff

CBM Office Assistant

Joanne grew up attending a Hiawatha Baptist Missions church (now CBM) in northeastern Wisconsin. It was through the ministry of the missionary pastor and his wife that she came to trust in Christ as h...

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Pete Ringelberg

CBM Assistant to Director of Building Ministries

Pete began a 20-year construction career with a general contractor in Grand Rapids, MI, first as a common laborer, then as a carpenter apprentice, journeyman carpenter, carpenter foreman, and finally ...

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