Where We Serve

CBM is committed to planting, revitalizing, and building churches in North America. Above is a map identifying the locations of the missionaries and ministries we serve. If you would like to visit or learn more about a church plant or build site, please use the links provided to get to know better the work and workers of CBM.

Church Name City State Missionaries
Amazing Grace Baptist Church St Cloud Florida Alden & Marie Wightman
Berean Baptist Church Watertown Connecticut Dan & Vicki Benton
Bethel Baptist Church Britt Iowa Greg & Beth Baum
Calvary Baptist Church Bensenville Illinois Todd & Susie Cook
Calvary Baptist Church Chatsworth Illlinois Ed & Cheryl Bunt
CityView Baptist Church Cleveland Ohio Ken & Renee Dockery
Bill & Natalie Taylor
Colon Baptist Church Colon Michigan Jeff & Deb Minniear
Common Grounds Baptist Church Detroit Michigan Bill & Tamra Branks
Grace Baptist Church Lawrence Michigan Brian & Rene Vince
Grace Baptist Church Juniata County Pennsylvania Dennis & Tamra Seiler
Grace Baptist Church Orem Utah Daniel & Aja Long
Good News Baptist Church Highfield-Cascade Maryland Kurt & Lori Schroder
Heritage Baptist Church Duluth Minnesota Eric & Allisa Braun
Iglesia Bautista Fundamental de Comerío Comerio Puerto Rico Steve & Tina Prelgovisk
Oasis Baptist Church Surprise Arizona Jeff & Connie Benner
Southtown Baptist Fellowship Worthing South Dakota Jerry & Crystal Miller
Valley Baptist Church Eureka Montana Matt & Juanetta Schrepfer
Church Name City State Missionaries
Gibraltar Bible Baptist Church Gibraltar MI Mike & Peggy Carr
Brian & Brenda Krueger
Ted & Jenell Lozier
Jeremy & Jodi Smith
Ben & Katie Wooster
Baptist Bible Church (Spring 2023) Sparta MI